COMMENTS: Africa, Arctic, Afghan

In other overseas news, CBS had Mark Phillips file from London on the 90th birthday party concert for Nelson Mandela. Singers included Joan Baez, who sang Free Nelson Mandela for his 70th birthday back when he was incarcerated by South Africa's apartheid regime. The concert was a fundraiser for Mandela's HIV/AIDS charity 46664. Phillips told us that 46664 was Mandela's number as an inmate…NBC's Anne Thompson brought us the latest summer weather forecast for the Arctic Ocean. The National Snow & Ice Data Center predicts that the North Pole will be covered by open waters, instead of a three-foot thick sheet of ice…Kabul was the dateline for NBC's Making a Difference report. Martin Fletcher profiled Rosemary Stasek, the onetime Mayor of Mountain View in California's Bay Area. Stasek is now a one-woman NGO, running A Little Help in Afghanistan. She distributes blankets for maternity wards and art supplies for schools and knitting needles for blind people. She likes to drive her own car round Kabul's streets to set an example for girls: "California comes to Kabul." Yet Mayor Stasek has little regard for Kabul's Finest: "The police are nothing but corrupt. Are you kidding? They freak me out."


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