COMMENTS: Reinforcements Needed

All three networks filed other military-related stories, ABC and CBS both from the Pentagon. CBS' David Martin illustrated the problems with physical fitness and academic qualifications among those aged between 17 and 24: the USArmy estimates that only 28% of that cohort meets its standards for recruitment into the armed forces. ABC's Jonathan Karl (embargoed link) told us about a shortage of active duty troops in Afghanistan. The Pentagon has had to extend the tour of duty for 2200 members of the Marine Corps because reinforcements are not available until a drawdown gets under way from Iraq. Newsweek columnist Jonathan Alter filed a tragic human interest story on the aftermath of the Iraq War for NBC. He told us the story of German Sanabria of Bridgeton NJ, a suicidal Iraq War veteran diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. After checking himself out of a VA mental hospital, Sanabria was found assaulting his stepfather with a steak knife by Anthony Keller, a local police officer who happened to be a former high school classmate of the veteran. Keller killed Sanabria to stop the stabbing.


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