COMMENTS: All That Greenery

There was plenty of environmental coverage on all networks. Wild forest fires in California continue to burn and while NBC's George Lewis selected the angle of the current weather in fanning the flames, ABC's Brian Rooney (embargoed link) fingered global warming climate change for lengthening the Pacific coast fire season. Staying in California, CBS' Bill Whitaker balanced the expensive start-up capital costs of lining rooftops with solar photovoltaic cells against the eventual savings on electric utility bills. On ABC, Ned Potter (embargoed link) covered a warning from federal marine biologists that coral reefs are dying. NOAA blames pollution and overfishing and the change in the chemistry of coastal waters as global warming increases acidity. NBC filed a couple of features about conserving gasoline: Anne Thompson covered flextime schemes for employees that make the workday longer in order to commute only four days each week; and casual Tom Costello shed his collar and tie to don active wear to illustrate the trend away from cars towards bicycles. His What Works feature touted Washington DC's ride-and-drop rental scheme whereby a bicycle can be returned to any stand in the system but Costello gave greater credit to Portland Ore, the "most bike-friendly city in the country" where commuters form a "sea of cyclists."


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