COMMENTS: Energy Boost

Thanks to the publicity splash made by oilman T Boone Pickens, this has been a busy week on the environment and energy beats. ABC's Betsy Stark and CBS anchor Katie Couric covered Pickens' scheme for windmill farms and natural gas vehicles when he unveiled it Tuesday. NBC, whose bosses at General Electric have a vested interest in windmills, was tardy in publicizing Pickens, even as the billionaire purchased advertising time on NBC Nightly News. Now Anne Thompson assesses Pickens' plan, pointing out that it fails to address the reliance of electric utilities on coal, a major source of greenhouse gases. Thompson did note that Pickens purchased 600 windmills from General Electric recently. On ABC, David Muir (embargoed link) looked at the economics of electric utilities, warning that rising costs of natural gas and coal will be passed on as a monthly $30 electricity hike this summer for each household. In other environmental news, NBC's Kerry Sanders covered the NOAA warning about the depletion of coral reefs as global warming makes ocean waters more acidic. ABC's Ned Potter (embargoed link) reported on reefs Monday.

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