COMMENTS: Eustace Tilley Meets Angela Davis

On the campaign trail, CBS' Dean Reynolds tried to do the conscientious thing by paying attention to Barack Obama's op-ed article on Iraq and Afghanistan in The New York Times. The Democratic Presidential candidate proposed a reinforcement of 10,000 troops "to fight resurgent Taliban guerrillas," as Reynolds put it. See what I mean? Does that mean deeper involvement in Afghanistan's civil war? Or does it mean a stepped up al-Qaeda manhunt?

But Reynolds could not resist the buzz created by The New Yorker. Reynolds said the magazine's satirical cartoon cover "overshadowed" foreign policy. ABC's Jake Tapper and NBC's Lee Cowan did not even bother with the overshadowed part. They went straight to the imaginary fist bumping First Couple--Michelle Obama as an AK-47 toting black power Angela Davis and Barack Obama as a devout Indonesian Moslem. "You have got to have a sense of humor to run for office these days," Cowan shrugged.


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