COMMENTS: Site Scrubbed on Surge

Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama made a major speech on foreign policy in which he explained his strategy for withdrawing troops from Iraq, where violence has abated, and sending reinforcements to Afghanistan, which he named "the central front in the War on Terror." Only NBC assigned a correspondent to the speech. Andrea Mitchell pointed out that the candidate was fudging his previous record: "As violence recedes in Iraq, Obama's campaign scrubbed his Website, removing language saying the surge is not working." ABC and CBS both mentioned the speech but concentrated instead on freshly completed opinion polls.

ABC News and Washington Post measured a national lead among registered voters for Obama over John McCain of 50%-42%; CBS News and The New York Times came up with 45%-39%. ABC's George Stephanopoulos warned that "registered" voters are different from those "likely" to vote: among the latter Obama's lead shrinks to 49%-46%. Stephanopoulos opined that the success or failure of get-out-the-vote among twentysomethings will be decisive in November. On CBS, Jeff Greenfield identified where McCain must improve in order to win: male voters, Hispanic voters, elderly voters and in Ohio and Missouri.


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