COMMENTS: Greenfield’s Glass is Half Empty

CBS led off its newscast with Jeff Greenfield's preview of Obama's tour, a trip "different from any trip any candidate has ever taken." It will start in the two war zones, continue through Jordan, Israel and Palestine and culminate in the capitals of Old Europe, Berlin, Paris and London. "With voters concerned about the freshman senator's policy and national security experience, Obama has little choice but to take the overseas gamble to shore up his credentials."

Even before his departure, Obama was already receiving twice as much coverage as his rival John McCain. Since the primary season ended at the start of June (04jun08-18jul08), Obama received 131 minutes of coverage on the networks' weekday nightly newscasts (ABC 47, CBS 35, NBC 49) compared with McCain's 53 (ABC 17, CBS 13, NBC 25). "This saturation coverage has already led the conservative blogosphere to offer blistering critiques of a liberal media slavishly treating Obama as a pop star," opined Greenfield. "Of course, the sheer presence of media in no way guarantees favorable coverage. In some ways, it makes the possibility of misstep that much more dangerous." Greenfield could have been a glass-half-full kind of a guy and added that it also makes the possibility of a success that much more triumphant.


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