COMMENTS: Pair Shaped

Last week ABC tried a couple of twofer experiments. David Muir and Sharyn Alfonsi went up and down in a single taped package on the gender wars: when are women happier? when are men? On the campaign trail, Jake Tapper and David Wright intercut their coverage of the spat between John McCain and Barack Obama: who is a scare-tactics race baiter? who is a vacuous effeminate celebrity? Now CBS tries to spice up the somber subject of currency rates on foreign exchange markets by contrasting Elizabeth Palmer in London with Priya David in New York City: how costly is it to be a tourist in England? how cheap to take a vacation in Manhattan? Meanwhile CBS' Anthony Mason looked at the cost of the travel rather than the tourism itself: jetBlue wants $7 for a pillow and blanket; USAirways wants $1 for an in-flight coffee, $2 for soda.

NBC's In Depth feature also used an unusual format--instead of a pair of correspondents it used none, airing a portion of a picturesque but inconclusive travelogue by Newsweek's Christopher Dickey on his journey through Georgia, his home state, with its mountain men, its Confederate iconography, its distrust of outsiders and its racist history.


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