COMMENTS: Getting Engaged and Arguing with Paris

Both CBS and ABC chose to adopt a lighthearted tone for their campaign coverage. ABC surveyed the shortlists for running mates for each party: Democrats Hillary Rodham Clinton, Tim Kaine, Evan Bayh, Joe Biden; Republicans Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty, Tom Ridge. Then John Berman (embargoed link) wondered what politicians should do if they happened actually to want the job. He called it "a campaign no one admits to waging." Still, Romney has made himself ubiquitous on the cable news channels; Pawlenty got a haircut; and Florida's Charlie Crist got engaged.

CBS' Dean Reynolds used a clip offered by Paris Hilton on in response to John McCain's negative ad against Barack Obama that used Hilton to illustrate the charge that the Democrat is a vacuous celebrity. The bikiniclad socialite responded to "that wrinkly white haired guy" teasing him as "the oldest celebrity in the world," even older than The Golden Girls. Meanwhile Jeff Greenfield isolated a demographic tidbit in CBS News' poll. Is Obama having trouble attracting white working class support? No, if the class is defined by its lower income. Yes, if the class is defined by its lack of education.

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