COMMENTS: Little Bang

The Hadron supercollider, the 17-mile-long tunnel built 300 feet below Geneva was the closing feature for both NBC and ABC. "Always like it when we finish with a story on physics," joked ABC anchor Charles Gibson. The experiment plans to smash atoms to create particles that replicate conditions just after the Big Bang. "We could discover a world of cosmic rays, dark matter and black holes right here on Earth," mused NBC's Keith Miller. After ABC's Nick Watt quoted Stephen Hawking's reassurance--"There is no danger that collisions will cause a rip in space time and destroy the universe"--he bid us farewell anyway: "Good night and good luck."


Has the father and (best man)that was the most beuaitful wedding that i have ever attended. Terry and larae are beuaitful people inside and out. the pictures and music are amazing,I wish mahalo photography the best and hope photography gives yall the life your family deserves.
"Juandos, Jacobsen looked at "ozone," but ignored CO which, it seems, is also very active in creating smog"...Well rufus I'm afraid you might be in error regarding which is worse creator of smog...CO tends to be a stable molecule where as ozone is a very active molecule relatively speaking, so Jacobsen was right to look at the ozone component...Regarding California, Wisconsin, Connecticut, and New York city, Jacobsen noted that those places were already using bouquet gasoline blends so adding or subtracting ethanol for them is an entirely different story...Regarding food shortages due to diverted corn supplies, that will happen and that will pass I believe rather quickly as farmers adjust to the market conditions...One must also remember that one reason for the price spike in food is not only the costs of moving it has gone up but a weak dollar isn't helping either..."I mention that a recent study there found 1.2 Billion Acres of abandoned, fertile land, worldwide"...So who are you going to attempt to talk into moving to and farm those fertile but abandoned acres?...:-)

... American Economy for Sale:It's estimated that the ethanol mandate is saving American motorists $35 Billion/Yr at the pump. It's, also, employing 268,000 Americans. Couple good answers to this:What, you don't think American motorists pay taxes, that pay for the subsidies?What, you don't think that drilling more oil, building more refinery capacity, making more nuclear power plants, and turning coal into liquids will also create jobs?I have read that just drilling in ANWR would create over 700,000 jobs across the United States. This whole thing is a great example of how Bush Derrangement Syndrome can actually become a self fullfilling prophecy. Talk down the eonomy so badly that people lose confidence and move their investments from equities to gold and commodities - which creates a bubble, which feeds back and hurts the eonomy and puts normal folks out of work (perhaps, eventually). Go Media, Go!|auto insurance hqbkk|life insurance policies 035|no credit card porn 3298|car insurance :OOO|credit card 6750|life insurance kgt|auto insurance quotes bkljm|eastwood auto insurance :-PP|cheapest car insurance pwrb|unsecured credit cards gom|company life insurance wnm|eastwood auto insurance 1324|auto insurance quotes :)))|car insurance rates npquiq

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