COMMENTS: Mission Creeps into Pakistan

Let us recall that the invasion of Afghanistan to oust its Taliban regime was the immediate response to al-Qaeda's 9/11 outrage. NBC's Jim Miklaszewski offered a bleak progress report from the Pentagon, after Chairman Mike Mullen of the Joint Chief of Staff told Congress: "I am not convinced we are winning yet in Afghanistan." Miklaszewski's unnamed sources in uniform told him that the guerrillas are using "more sophisticated and deadly battle tactics" as the result of training by veterans of Chechnya's separatist struggle against Russia.

CBS anchor Katie Couric was debriefed by Lara Logan via satellite phone from Afghanistan. She reported that the United States has widened its regional military involvement and is now involved in the fighting in the North West Frontier region of Pakistan. President George Bush has given the green light for commando forces to fight on the ground in Pakistan "whenever they see fit." Previously commandos had been ordered to obtain permission from Islamabad before crossing the border. Logan paraphrased the new US policy towards Pakistan: "You cannot have so much US aid and support and at the same time not do anything about the fact that your territory is being used by al-Qaeda and other fighters as a safe haven."


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