COMMENTS: Fixing a Hole

The two Presidential candidates suspended their campaigns for the day to pay respect to those killed on September 11th seven years ago. "For this one day instead of verbal combat, single long-stemmed roses of remembrance," observed NBC's Andrea Mitchell. She reminded us that Republicans usually use 9/11 "as a wedge issue against Democrats portraying them as weak on national security" yet found hints that this year that would change. CBS' Dean Reynolds called it "something of a ceasefire" even as he noted that John McCain had recently been much more belligerent than his rival. Barack Obama has "struggled to match--or even approach--the Republican's gut-level ferocity."

ABC's Dan Harris covered the commemorations at the World Trade Center and at the Pentagon, where President George Bush dedicated a memorial, and in Shanksville Pa, where the fourth hijacked jetliner crashed. Harris noted that there was no memorial built yet at Ground Zero, contentiously quoting The Wall Street Journal's preposterous hyperbole: "Arguably the biggest political and bureaucratic fiasco in the history of the world." NBC's Mike Taibbi offered a corrective from the construction site itself. After years of "evaporating completion dates and flyaway cost projections" he reported that the Freedom Tower was going up, that the mass transit hub is being built, and that the facing of the memorial is taking shape: "The hole is being filled. You can see it."


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