COMMENTS: Friday Features

All three networks usually offer weekending features on Friday evening. Because of ABC's Exclusive Sarah Palin interview its Person of the Week was a no-show and only CBS and NBC made time for entries. On NBC's Making a Difference, Savannah Guthrie showcased the To Write Love on Her Arms page on, a teenage mutual support site that counsels the depressed, the suicidal, the isolated and the drug addicted. It was started by a story written by Jamie Tworkowski about the five days he spent detoxifying his cocaine-addicted friend Renee Yohe, who was mutilating herself by cutting her arms. "The site now has more than 200,000 members."

CBS' Steve Hartman introduced us to Thomas Weller for Assignment America. He is a Good Samaritan auto repair mechanic on the highways of San Diego. Paying it forward for a good turn done to him 40 years ago, he stops to help broken down motorists for no fee. He offers a business card urging them in turn to pay that favor forward. Lo and behold, a do-gooder beat Weller to a particular traveler in distress: "He said four months earlier, his wife had a blowout on the freeway and somebody stopped to help her and he said: 'By the way, thank you for doing that for my wife.'"


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