COMMENTS: Obama’s Weasel Word

CBS filed a couple of other Campaign '08 reports. Nancy Cordes is assigned to the Sarah Palin press corps. Cordes reported that the Republican Vice-Presidential nominee "continues to draw large and curious crowds at rallies but when she is not on stage she has kept as far as possible from the public eye. Palin has yet to hold a news conference." Wyatt Andrews continued with his Reality Check series on the candidates' tax policies. He rapped Barack Obama for focusing on the negative half of John McCain's tax credit proposal but not the positive half. McCain would tax workplace health benefits as income, offering the credit as an offset. Obama's ad warned of a "tax increase, potentially, on middle class families." That weasel word "potentially" referred to a decade after the change, when the positive credit would eventually fail to balance the tax on benefits.

By the way, Andrews also caught Palin inflating her resume. "My job has been to oversee nearly 20% of the US domestic supply of oil and gas," she claimed. Andrews dug up Department of Energy data. Alaska accounts for less than 3% of the domestic natural gas supply; just over 14% of domestic oil.


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