COMMENTS: ABC Again Sees no Politics in Finance

As it did Thursday, ABC made the strange decision not to assign a reporter to cover the impact of the financial crisis on the Presidential contest. Meanwhile NBC had political director Chuck Todd assess the impact of the week's turmoil on Barack Obama and John McCain: "Watch the body language," he suggested as Obama was "suddenly feeling confident" and McCain was struggling over whether to run as a "deregulator or proregulator." Bob Schieffer, anchor of CBS' Sunday morning Face the Nation, reminded us that McCain, as chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee, "led the effort to deregulate and now he is calling for more regulation!"

CBS filed from the stump itself. Dean Reynolds rounded out a week "dominated by financial news" by noting that "each bulletin" strengthened Obama's perceived advantage over McCain on the economy. Chip Reid covered a McCain speech advocating a program "heavy on government intervention" proposing a new bureaucracy dubbed the Mortgage and Financial Institutions Trust. "While McCain's speech was billed as a policy address, he spent much of his time bashing Obama." NBC ran Obama's soundbite in response that "it is pretty clear that Sen McCain is a little panicked right now."


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