COMMENTS: Yet More Campaign Stuff

Wait! That is not all. There were three more serious campaign-related features and another campaign news story. The news came from Savannah Guthrie on NBC, who was following Sarah Palin at the United Nations. The Republican Vice Presidential nominee continues to decline to Meet the Press, as the saying goes. Palin tried to stage photo-ops with President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan and President Alvaro Uribe of Colombia. "For Palin, whose public appearances have been carefully controled and orchestrated, those pictures almost did not happen," Guthrie told us. When Palin's aides forbade reporters from accompanying photographers, the photographers withheld their cameras. "The campaign relented, calling it a miscommunication."

As for those features. CBS' issues series Where They Stand had John Blackstone contrast the two candidates' cap-and-trade proposals to reduce global warming emissions of carbon dioxide over the next 40 years. Compared with the Bush Administration, "just recognizing climate change is a big change," Blackstone exclaimed. ABC sent David Wright to Maryland for its 50 States in 50 Days series with USA Today. The state "will get rid of its fancy new voting terminals" after November for fear of hackers fixing the count with "no piece of paper to double check." Presidential Questions on CBS saw anchor Katie Couric confront a pair of veritable George Washingtons in answer to her question about when it is appropriate for a President to tell a lie. Both John McCain and Barack Obama promised that they never would--and neither's nose grew any longer.


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