COMMENTS: What Will John McCain Do?

ABC's Jake Tapper filed the following peculiar soundbite on the bailout from the campaign trail: "I hope that Democrats would recognize that this issue should not be in any way related to my vote." Thus Republican Presidential candidate John McCain seemed to imply that his position on the financial bailout was irrelevant to the deliberations on Capitol Hill. Tapper flat out contradicted the senator: "It is McCain who may hold the fate of the $700bn bailout proposal in his hands," he suggested. "If McCain does not support the bill it will likely die. Republicans do not want to vote for the bill if their Presidential nominee will be out on the campaign trail railing against it. Democratic leaders have told the White House that a deal without McCain on board means No Sale."

Tapper contributed the proposed alternate strategy from Newt Gingrich, the Republicans' one-time Congressional leader. "Vote against the bill," he recommended to McCain and his former GOP colleagues "and then they can all run in November as reformers against President Bush and Barack Obama."

CNBC's Carl Quintanilla first took the long view for NBC's Where They Stand series, contrasting the two candidates' platforms for the bear market in real estate. He ticked off their declared policies on FannieMae and FreddieMac and predatory lending and foreclosure prevention--before zeroing in on the current credit crisis. "The candidates' proposals may not address the short-term pain," he shrugged.


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