COMMENTS: Rate the Debates Using Citizensí Media Scorecard

Tyndall Report's media monitoring turns interactive on Friday night for the first debate of Campaign '08 from Mississippi. Instead of me telling you how network TV journalists covered the debate, I have devised an online questionnaire so together, we the viewers, can monitor the quality of the Jim Lehrer's journalism in his capacity as debate monitor. It is called the Citizens' Media Scorecard. It is being hosted by Anybody can log in at Rate the Debates. The site will be open immediately the debate finishes. Give us your feedback as soon as possible before the spinmeisters start putting their two cents in. We plan to have the numbers crunched and the analysis posted by midnight.


poorly.... time for canddates to say what they want, irrgardless of the question or accuracy of the commentary. What is the point of a moderator?
so, I signed on and rated ... where are the results? (9:00 AM Sunday, 9 hours after midnight) ....
So , Neither candidate agreed to tackle the tottering Wall street banking system through radical change and the public confiscation of assets, instead they both proposed, in different ways, perpetuating something which can only repeat a combustible extravagance,incurred at the cost of lower level wage earners...a safe more of the same style....but everyone knows that its not safe anymore and
voters gleaned little firm information about new direction for financial policies. Despite Obamas better proposals, superior debating style and more attractive personality he especially missed a chance to speak out to blue collar America by hedging his bets ,and not openly condemning greed in Wall Street and the immorality of advanced global capitalism, where-for instance, the victims of Cubas natural disaster, are still just left without aid, and the only person to gain through that hesitation is MacCain, despite his weaker performance .
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