COMMENTS: Picking the Cabinet

The day's political round-up saw ABC concentrate on Barack Obama's nearly-completed Cabinet; NBC follow Caroline Kennedy's bid to be appointed to the Senate; and CBS and NBC both update us on Rod Blagojevich's attempt to hold onto his job as Governor of Illinois.

The good news for Blagojevich was that the state's Supreme Court rejected Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan's argument that the governor was disabled and should therefore be removed from office. Meanwhile the committee that Madigan's father Michael had convened to debate Blagojevich's impeachment heard from the governor's lawyer. NBC's Kevin Tibbles quoted Edward Genson calling the committee "unlawful;" CBS' Cynthia Bowers chose his characterization of the wiretapped conversations that are being used against his client as "people jabbering." Both Tibbles and Bowers picked up on Genson's charge that the panel was "biased."

NBC's Washington-based Andrea Mitchell narrated Caroline Kennedy's first day upstate in her quest to be named to the Senate seat that was once held by her uncle Robert and by Daniel Patrick Moynihan and will soon be vacated by Hillary Rodham Clinton. When Kennedy was asked what experience she had, since she had never held public office, Mitchell called her faltering answer before being whisked away by aides "a rocky start." Nevertheless Rodham Clinton insisted that her supporters were not speaking for her when they criticized Kennedy and Moynihan's widow Liz endorsed the rookie.

ABC anchor Charles Gibson asked This Week's George Stephanopoulos to assess the balance of Obama's Cabinet now that only the Secretary of Labor remains to be named: "He has managed to get this diversity and competence without engaging in tokenism," was Stephanopoulos' thumbs-up. He noted that Hispanics and Asians were well represented--as was the mountain west: Janet Napolitano from Arizona at Homeland; Bill Richardson from New Mexico at Commerce; Ken Salazar from Colorado at Interior. Underrepresented, Stephanopoulos reckoned, are liberals and women.


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