COMMENTS: Cricket & Baseball

"Stanford's financial empire has a global reach with offices in Montreal, Zurich and Antigua with 50,000 clients in 131 countries," CBS' Bob Orr told us when the Securities & Exchange Commission raided Sir Allen's offices in Houston and Memphis and froze his assets on suspicion of fraud. Orr also noted that the billionaire Stanford is a sports fan, sponsoring golf and cricket tournaments. Any self-styled cricket lover who prefers Twenty20 to test matches should have alerted suspicions years ago.

All three newscasts filed a baseball story as spring training gets under way. NBC's Kerry Sanders (no link) and CBS' Armen Keteyian covered Alex Rodriguez' press conference in which he described his cheating with steroids while playing for the Texas Rangers between 2001 and 2003. "I knew we were not taking Tic Tacs," he understated as he described shooting himself up with over-the-counter dope purchased in the Dominican Republic. CBS' Keteyian aired Rodriguez' sort-of-apology for lying to his anchor Katie Couric on 60 Minutes: "Look. When you are in denial, when you are not being honest with yourself, it is hard to be honest with Katie."

ABC's baseball closer by Bob Woodruff was from ESPN's sports magazine Outside the Lines. It profiled a pair of javelin throwers from India who won a TV reality show there entitled The $1m Arm. Danesh Kumar Patel and Rinku Singh were the winners of a throwing competition. Their prize was a trip to Bradenton Fla to try out at spring training with the Pittsburgh Pirates. "It is only throwing the ball from one place to another," complained Singh's mother about our national pastime. "I do not understand it." I bet she can understand a test match, though.


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