COMMENTS: Mr Clean and Avian Radar

By coincidence, airline travel was featured on all three newscasts. NBC's Kevin Tibbles offered free publicity to United Airlines' efforts to clean its jets properly: "Since airlines cut down on food service, passengers are bringing their own and more food on board means more garbage." Hats off to the flacks at UAL's PR department, as they trotted out a bald General Manager of Cabin Appearance to symbolize their Mr Clean campaign.

CBS and ABC simultaneously decided to follow-up on the hazard that flocks of birds around airports pose to jet engines. CBS' Richard Schlesinger went the bureaucratic route, showing us the avian radar that the Pentagon has developed and that the National Transportation Safety Board has urged the Federal Aviation Administration to adopt, without success, since 1999. ABC's Neal Karlinsky tried human interest, introducing us to Steve Osmek inventor of "a strange new radar for airports that no one paid much attention to" until birds knocked out the engines of USAirways Flight 1549 at LaGuardia Airport last month.


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