COMMENTS: Feature Heavy

Most of the remainder of the day's news was taken up with features:

ABC's A Closer Look saw Bob Woodruff at Bagram AFB in Afghanistan where Taskforce Paladin has the job of training GIs to spot improvised explosive devices. "Fake rocks, bullet casings, car trunks weighed down, detonators hidden behind license plates…" in all the taskforce has discovered 3,200 unexploded IEDs scattered around the countryside.

ABC's Brian Ross Investigates picked up on the expose by the network's affiliate in San Diego into Nations Housing Modification Center, a telemarketing boilerroom. NHMC uses a Capitol Hill mailing address on Pennsylvania Avenue to give the impression that it is a federal government program offering foreclosure relief to homeowners. Ross profiled two of the firm's owners: Bryan Rosenberg, imprisoned in 2003 for mortgage fraud in Baltimore; and Michael Trapp, convicted of lying to a grand jury investigating a Ponzi Scheme. Ross' choicest image was of the giant truck that pulled up outside NHMC offices. The logo on its side--Shred California.

Top States for Business is the annual ranking performed by CNBC measuring all 50 states on ten different criteria, including workforce skills, infrastructure, quality of life, business regulation, operating costs. Scott Cohn ran down the top five on NBC. And the 2009 winner is Virginia.

CBS filed the second part of its Katie Couric Reports on teenage prostitution. Wednesday she took a sensationalized look at the FBI's ineffectual--my description, not hers--Innocence Lost sting operation. Now Couric follows up from Las Vegas. "Underage prostitution in Sin City is on the rise," she asserted. Yet fewer than 400 of the sex workers arrested in the last two years have been younger than 18, out of an estimated 35,000 plying their trade citywide. Couric profiled Judge William Voy, who has a plan to incarcerate arrested teenage sex workers, in a "specialized safe house staffed by probation officers and social workers." The judge cannot get state funding to build the facility so he is "looking to the private sector to help fund his idea."


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