COMMENTS: Meet the New Boss

NBC called in David Faber from CNBC, its sibling financial news cable channel, to file an in-house report. The ownership of NBC News will be transferred: General Electric is reducing its share of NBC Universal from 80% to 49%; Comcast, the cable operator, will take a controling 51% interest. "Comcast wants to grow by offering more programming on demand," CNBC's Faber explained, both on its cable systems and online. Under the plan, Universal Studios' movies will become more readily available at home and NBC Sports will expand into cable "to rival sports powerhouse ESPN." NBC anchor Brian Williams self-deprecatingly thanked Faber for deigning to turn up on his "appointment television" newscast.

ABC closed with a less-hard nosed multimedia story. David Muir reminded us of the celebrity progress of Susan Boyle, the Scottish spinster chanteuse. She started on a reality TV show in Britain…became a YouTube star with 310m viewers…and parlayed that into #1 on the hit parade with her CD I Dreamed a Dream. She made her name online yet sells more music "the old-fashioned way" on a disc than by digital download. "Irony," mused Muir.


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