COMMENTS: Desiree, Mahogany & Michele Meet Michaele & Tareq

The cast of characters surrounding Michaele and Tareq Salahi expands. The Salahis were the "spotlight hungry" uninvited guests who attended the state dinner for the Prime Minister of India on the White House lawn last week, NBC's Savannah Guthrie reminded us. The Secret Service admitted its error in granting the Salahis access. "Now the attention has turned to the White House Social Secretary," ABC's Yunji de Nies noted. "At major White House events the tradition has long been that the Social Secretary works near the entrance with the staff helping to verify guests. Desiree Rogers was not at the gate."

Enter Mahogany Jones, the publicist for the partycrashers: "The Salahis are not shopping any interviews or demanding money from the media networks to tell their story," was how NBC's Guthrie quoted her—without mentioning the possibility of their being cast in a Real Housewives reality TV show on Bravo, NBC's sibling cable channel. Next Guthrie picks up on the Washington Post's reporting about the role of Michele Jones, a Pentagon official who corresponded with the Salahis about the prospect of obtaining tickets. "She had no authority to get them into the dinner," NBC's Guthrie reported.


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