COMMENTS: Pringles, Jacko & Tiger

After the wreckage that was ABC's attempt at analysis of the middle class, the remainder of the day's news might as well be frivolous fluff. NBC's Rehema Ellis and ABC's Ron Claiborne both brought us Virgin America Flight 404. The plane was delayed by the weekend's high winds that prevented it from landing at JFK Airport. It was diverted to Stewart Airport in New York City's northern suburbs. It was held on the runway until eventually a fleet of buses arrived to drive passengers into the city. The total delay was 12 hours. What made the adventure news was that food rations amounted to four Pringles each.

On the celebrity front ABC's Dan Harris and CBS' Ben Tracy (no link--presumably because of online copyright clearance problems) brought us news that SONY would pay at least $200m to Michael Jackson's estate for rights to release ten posthumous CDs. And CBS' Jeff Glor (no link--presumably because of online copyright clearance problems) and ABC's John Berman previewed the Masters Golf tournament in April, where Tiger Woods will make his comeback. "How important is it for him to play really, really well?" CBS anchor Katie Couric asked Golf Channel anchor Steve Sands. Quite apart from the impact on Woods' image, Sands replied, "for the game of golf, it obviously means a lot"--not to speak of CBS Sports' ratings.


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