COMMENTS: Pols with Guns

NBC skipped Campaign 2010 to make room for its extra Chile coverage. CBS filed a couple of updates on close Senate races: Dean Reynolds in Wisconsin for the Russ Feingold-Ron Johnson match-up; Nancy Cordes in the coal country of West Virginia, where Democrat Joe Manchin's latest ad shows him literally blasting away at the Democrats' carbon trading legislation with a rifle.

So far, almost all of the coverage of individual contests--as opposed to general campaign trends--has been on statewide races for senator or governor. ABC is the only nightly newscast to file packages on individual Congressional contests. Last week, Jake Tapper took us to South Carolina where Chairman John Spratt of the House Budget Committee faces an advertising onslaught from the American Future Fund and Citizens for a Working America and American Crossroads. Spending by such outside groups is leaning Republican by a five-to-one ratio nationwide, Tapper calculated. Now Jonathan Karl introduces us to his House Race to Watch. Funnily enough, this House race also happens to be a statewide race, on the depopulated plains of South Dakota, where rancher Kristi Noem campaigns on horseback and Democratic incumbent Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin "hunts too."


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