COMMENTS: Blown Up or Blown Cover

From London, both CBS' Elizabeth Palmer and ABC's Jim Sciutto told us about a suspected bomb plot as police arrested a dozen young men from Britain's Bangladeshi community. The urgency of the arrests did probably not derive from an imminent series of explosions, Palmer told us, but the imminent exposure of an undercover informant.

It was not only the British arrests…there a whiff of panic in the air about looming terrorism on all three newscasts. CBS' Armen Keteyian worried about Yemeni cells tampering with our food. NBC's Tom Costello checked on the thousands of plain-clothes air marshals riding in jetliners in case fellow passengers turned violent: "The marshals concede they have never knowingly stopped a terrorist but they train for the ultimate confrontation nearly everyday." ABC anchor Diane Sawyer traveled to Washington DC to sit down with Homeland Security and National Intelligence and Counterterrorism honchos. Secretary Janet Napolitano let slip the secret loophole that gives Osama bin Laden his chance: "Thousands of people are working 24/7, 364 days a year"--so all he has to do is find that one day off and he can strike.


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