COMMENTS: Are You Ready for Some Football?

Jim Axelrod makes it five days out of five this week that CBS has covered the NFL lockerroom scandal at the Miami Dolphins. Previously here is James Brown and Mark Strassmann (here, here, and here). Axelrod's addition is that Richie Incognito, the suspended offensive lineman, was the object of a woman's complaints about lewd behavior with a golf club at the team's celebrity tournament.

Alternately, there was inappropriate behavior on a basketball court: Robin Roberts, anchor of ABC's Good Morning America, filed a preview for her primetime 20/20 documentary The Tape They Can't Erase. Roberts sits down with Mike Rice, the onetime hoops coach at Rutgers University, whose abusive behavior was caught on video. Roberts demonstrates a certain insecurity about her own journalistic judgment by resorting to clips of Rice being commented on and being joked about in order to demonstrate just how outrageous his behavior was.

Come on, Robin, tell us yourself. You do not have to rely on anchor Diane Sawyer on the news, on comedian Jon Stewart on The Daily Show, on a skit on Saturday Night Live to make your point.


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