COMMENTS: Tuesday’s Tidbits

All three newscasts assigned a correspondent to cover the Justice Department in August when it found antitrust problems with the proposed merger between American Airlines and USAirways. Now that the dispute has been resolved, only NBC had a reporter explain it. NBC's transportation man Tom Costello at the hub at Miami International folded in a soundbite from his legal-eagle colleague Pete Williams.

A new ambassador to the Imperial Court in Tokyo was sworn in. You would think that this would allow CBS' State Department correspondent Margaret Brennan to bring us up to date on the state of diplomatic, commercial and geostrategic relations with Japan. Nah -- let's just run more nostalgic footage of Caroline Kennedy's childhood in Camelot.

The controversy over the Keystone pipeline does not get as much coverage as it should. Anna Werner's package on CBS was just the seventh to be filed in the past two years on the three nightly newscasts. Of those seven, ABC accounts for zero. Werner's report was on the soon-to-be-operational southern portion of the Keystone. She gave credit to the good-government activists at Public Citizen for the tip on 125 inspections to check on possible leaks from rejected welds and dents from rocks.


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