COMMENTS: Pulling out of The Philippines

Typhoon Haiyan, which dominated the news at the start of the week with its devastation of the east coast of The Philippines, has fallen off ABC's radar. ABC (16 min v NBC 35, CBS 28) has covered it least heavily throughout even though, funnily enough, Neal Karlinsky was the first correspondent on the nightly newscasts to warn of its impending arrival even before it made landfall, in the lead slot of last Thursday's newscast. A week later, Haiyan was not even mentioned on ABC, even in passing. NBC's Harry Smith and CBS' Seth Doane both filed from Tacloban, where they had been based all week.

NBC's in-house physician Nancy Snyderman continued her focus on the healthcare emergency. Wednesday she attended the Mammoth Medical Mission clinic in the city hall of Tanauan; now she is in Bogo City to publicize the military efforts of medics from the Israel Defense Force. Dr Nancy similarly praised the IDF's exemplary emergency care in Port-au-Prince after the earthquake in January 2010. This time, a pregnant woman goes into labor at the Bogo City clinic and a healthy baby is born. His name is Israel.

At ABC, instead, the force of nature that attracted Steve Osunsami's attention was the sinkhole in Dunedin Fla that both he and NBC's Janet Shamlian covered on Thursday. In Osunsami's follow-up, he repeated the same visual embellishments, juicing up his story with imaginary computer-graphic Virtual View animation and reruns of video of different sinkholes swallowing other property on previous occasions.


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