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The Tyndall Report's final pick of the day should have been Anthony Mason's (no link) sly mix of blatant network cross promotion and satirical self-mockery. CBS' business correspondent was assigned to cover the impact on the economy of March Madness, the NCAA college basketball tournament, which happens to be broadcast by CBS Sports and whose live videostream is disrupting office work nationwide via But as is so often the case, this broadcast sports story is not offered to online viewers: licensing restrictions are usually the hindrance to crossing platforms, which seems to mean that the future of sports news is in old media not in new media.

So, instead of jokes about sports, what about anxiety over pets? ABC and CBS both assigned a correspondent to the panic over tainted pet food. ABC's David Kerley (subscription required) told us that a single Canadian firm, Menu Foods, has recalled some 100 different brands of dog and cat food: "Wheat gluten from a new supplier may have been contaminated by mold or another toxin." CBS used Debbye Turner, in-house veterinarian at The Early Show: she called it "scary" that more than 60m packs of wet-style food have been recalled--all over "at least ten deaths" of animals with kidney failure.

Frankly Mason's observation was more interesting: "If you do feel guilty stealing work time for game time you could always just quit and get a job as a reporter. Then, when you are watching, you are working. It is not just goofing off--it is journalism!" But then, there are no pets in the Tyndall household for us to worry about.


These pictures are ablsluteoy beautiful. They turned out amazing. Being the maid of honor, I got to experience this wedding first hand and it was hands down one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever seen in my life. The weather, the sunset, and the beach couldn't have been any better than what they were. Congrats to the both of you and best wishes to your lifelong journey together. Love ya both!
The enthusiasm for the protest at channel 62 is enormous which is requiring careful & strategic planning. We¬'ve gotten a bus & driver donated to us so we¬'re going to meet at the SW corner of Rainbow Blvd and Southwest Blvd at 4pm on Wednesday, October 20th. The bus will leave promptly at 4:10pm so if you cannot make it there by then, please drive yourselves directly to KSMO. HOWEVER, there will be limited parking available there so drive the largest vehicle you have access to and carpool wherever possible. Powell Avenue is a city street and runs parallel to I-35, directly in front of KSMO. PARK LEGALLY, observing common sense, no parking, and no trespassing signs. The quickest way for KSMO to disperse this crowd is to have the cops start towing people because they¬'re blocking traffic. DO NOT PARK IN THE CHANNEL 62 PARKING LOT.If you are driving yourselves and will be headed northbound on I-35, the Cambridge Cir exit is closed, due to construction. Alternate directions are to exit at Rainbow and turn right (south). Go to first light, which is Southwest Blvd and turn left (east). Go about a mile, just past 31st and turn left (north) on Genesee. Genesee curves around across the railroad tracks and under I-35 then intersects with Powell Ave. at KSMO. None of the mapping websites I looked at reflected this closure so be sure to keep this email. If you will be headed southbound on I-35, no need to take an alternate route – Cambridge Cir is open in that direction.Other important information:What to bring: No Kerry Campaign placards or signs. While most of us are Kerry supporters, and if asked by the media who will cover this who we support, we should tell them we support Kerry, it will be more effective if we don¬'t have Kerry signs or Kerry gear. This issue transcends this election. We also want to make sure we aren¬'t any kind of a negative issue to the Kerry campaign. Remember, this is a grassroots effort not affiliated with or endor
I did not attend an ivy league school by any means and I wasn’t a star performer. However, I was blessed to be able to do reasonably well with minimal effort. Reward equalled results, for me at least. All the while growing up and through to the end of university. Then I entered the work place and the harsh realities of inequality truly hit me. It was a rude shock, let me tell you. One I still don’t really like to look at, nor even acknowledge.In my ideal world I can have a family and be a successful career woman, equal to any man. Except that’s not really the truth, is it. A woman has to make harsh decisions and often it has to be a either/or choice…a family or a career. I hate it. Let me rephrase. I hated it. Now the organization that doesn’t support me in having a family can go to hell. They are not worthy of my time, effort and devotion. Took me along time to get to that place.Has it worsened over the last 20 years? To be truthful, I don’t know. Maybe I’m not old enough to see it yet.Have I been given any ‘special’ treatment and positions because I am a woman? I don’t think so. Or not that I recognize anyway.I think the whole man/woman equality thing has a long way to come. I used to think I was equal to men. Now I know I can never be equal. I am not inferior or superior either. I am different. What I bring to a workplace is immeasurably different than a man. Both male and female qualities are needed to make successful businesses and countries.…Stepping off soapbox now…Thanks for a thought provoking discussion.

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