COMMENTS: Kurdish Enclave

ABC's Where Things Stand series marking the fourth anniversary of the start of the Iraq War took Terry McCarthy (subscription required) to the mountains of Kurdistan. The nearly autonomous region, with its own border checkpoints, is so secure from the rest of Iraq's violence that a local shepherd professed his major fear is not from terrorists but from wolves. Sheep's heads are the local gastronomic delicacy. The population of Kurdistan is growing as Iraqis move north to escape the violence. McCarthy showed us the $1bn commercial real estate development in downtown Irbil, built by Nizar Hana "one of the most optimistic people in Iraq."

Meanwhile CBS compiled the anecdotes of a handful of correspondents--not including the still-convalescing Kimberly Dozier--for its series 4 Years of War: Byron Pitts showed his gas mask; David Martin showed a tattered $100 bill from a USAF Stealth Fighter air raid; Harry Smith described the tension of riding in a HumVee; Barry Petersen remembered "complete danger all the time…and it is the Americans who get blamed." Elizabeth Palmer recalled a young homesick sergeant who thought he was helping a Baghdad family with food, clothing and medicine but was in fact turning them into targets: "The things he brought were probably the things that were going to get them killed."


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