COMMENTS: Itís not a House, Itís a Home

ABC ran the videotape of that lone house in downtown Xian Ching sitting defiantly in the middle of a real estate development. NBC ran a report from Jon Ray of its British broadcast partner ITN. Ray called the homeowner Yang Wu, who is asserting his property rights under Chinese law, "one angry man" in a city of 30m people. Yang "has come to sum up the struggle of an entire nation. Everyone, it seems, has a hard luck story about greedy builders or corrupt officials."

As for real estate back in this country, both ABC and NBC checked the impact of home mortgage foreclosures on urban neighborhoods. When too many neighbors are evicted, boarded up and derelict homes force down the value of all other properties on the block. NBC's Janet Shamlian looked at the crisis hotline Cleveland authorities set up to try to halt the erosion in Cuyahoga County. Barbara Pinto (subscription required), for ABC's The Homewreckers series, covered Chicago's credit-counseling efforts to halt the "snowball effect" in Cook County.


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