COMMENTS: Cable News

The angry newsmen at cable's Fox News Channel made enough noise that they attracted A Closer Look from ABC's Dan Harris. Anchor Bill O'Reilly invited his colleague Geraldo Rivera into the no-spin zone at The O'Reilly Factor to discuss the role of local police in enforcing federal immigration laws. The anchors' dispute concerned a motorist arrested for drunken driving by the cops in Virginia Beach Va. He was not a legal resident but the police did not report his status to the feds' Immigration and Customs Enforcement because ICE does not handle misdemeanor cases, only felonies. When the immigrant allegedly drank and drove again, killing two teenage girls, O'Reilly blamed the illegality of his residency; Rivera blamed his intoxication. Harris aired clips. "You want open border anarchy…" "He was a drunk…" "He should have been deported…" "Do not obscure a tragedy in order to make a cheap political point…"

NBC's anchor Brian Williams also chose a cable TV show as his week's closer. He wangled an invitation onto the set of The Sopranos as the HBO drama prepares to open its final season this weekend. Williams has a soft spot for the story of an "upper middle class mob boss with a family, a cholesterol problem, and a shrink"--as have other fans "and not just those of us from Jersey."


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