COMMENTS: NBC’s Kate Snow Used to Work for ABC

Thursday, I commented on the ABC house style, as evinced by David Muir: drop the names of celebrities…fold in a movie clip…cross-promote other coverage by the network. Meet Kate Snow on NBC, publicizing the publicity NBC News has signed up to lavish on Virgin Galactica's space tourism, its celebrity owner Richard Branson, and its celebrity maiden voyage passengers diCaprio, Bieber, Kutcher. What fictional footage did Snow edit into her actuality video? A clip from Gravity.

To balance Snow's self-congatulation of NBC's own project, her colleague Stephanie Gosk offered some flagellation for a rival, CBS' 60 Minutes. Lara Logan's cross-promotion for the publication of The Embassy House, the book by Morgan Jones aka Dylan Davies, has become a debacle. Jay Rosen at PressThink has offered a tick-tock, to which I have contributed in the comments thread. Gosk covers two of the major issues clearly: the failed fact checking and 60 Minutes' incestuous corporate ties to Simon & Schuster. She is not up to speed on the culture wars angle or the Big Get style of television journalism.


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