Weekly Archives 2000

2000Top Story of the Weekmins
Dec25-Dec29Winter weather: icestorm in Arkansas34
Dec18-Dec22Transition Team to Bush Administration53
Dec11-Dec152000: General Election won by George Bush122
Dec04-Dec082000: General Election Florida contest163
Nov27-Dec012000: General Election is too close to call186
Nov20-Nov242000: General Election is too close to call165
Nov13-Nov172000: General Election is too close to call229
Nov06-Nov102000: General Election is too close to call204
Oct30-Nov032000: Al Gore campaign53
Oct23-Oct27USS Cole suicide bombed in Aden Harbor20
Oct16-Oct20USS Cole suicide bombed in Aden Harbor47
Oct09-Oct13Israeli-Palestinian conflict73
Oct02-Oct062000: Presidential Debate in Boston48
Sep25-Sep29Sydney Olympic Games36
Sep18-Sep22Sydney Olympic Games36
Sep11-Sep15Auto safety: Firestone SUV tire recall33
Sep04-Sep08Auto safety: Firestone SUV tire recall42
Aug28-Sep01Auto safety: Firestone SUV tire recall36
Aug21-Aug25Auto safety: Firestone SUV tire recall38
Aug14-Aug182000: Democratic Convention in Los Angeles78
Aug07-Aug11Wild fires in western states39
Jul31-Aug042000: Republican Convention in Philadelphia88
Jul24-Jul28Air France Concorde crash near Paris63
Jul17-Jul21Israeli-PLO peace talks at Camp David27
Jul10-Jul14Police: Philadelphia beating caught on videotape19
Jul03-Jul07Fourth of July holiday23
Jun26-Jun30Cuban refugeee boy custody dispute22
Jun19-Jun23Oil, gasoline prices start to rise again44
Jun12-Jun16Wild fires in western states25
Jun05-Jun09Microsoft monopoly trial24
May29-Jun02Cuban refugeee boy custody dispute15
May22-May26US-PRC trade: permanent MFN status debate26
May15-May19Wild fires in western states22
May08-May12Wild fires in western states45
May01-May05Computer virus iloveyou spreads via email28
Apr24-Apr28Cuban refugeee boy custody dispute63
Apr17-Apr21Cuban refugeee boy custody dispute59
Apr10-Apr14Cuban refugeee boy custody dispute80
Apr03-Apr07Cuban refugeee boy custody dispute66
Mar27-Mar31Cuban refugeee boy custody dispute51
Mar20-Mar24Pope John Paul II visits the Holy Land78
Mar13-Mar17Guns: federal firearms legislation dispute28
Mar06-Mar102000: Super Tuesday Primay42
Feb28-Mar032000: Super Tuesday primaries30
Feb21-Feb252000: Mich, Az primaries won by McCain47
Feb14-Feb182000: SC GOP primary this weekend66
Feb07-Feb11Computer hackers shut down Websites28
Jan31-Feb042000: New Hampshire primary53
Jan24-Jan282000: New Hampshire primary34
Jan17-Jan21Cuban refugeee boy custody dispute15
Jan10-Jan14Cuban refugeee boy custody dispute34
Jan03-Jan07NYSE-NASDAQ market action28