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2006Top Story of the Weekmins
25Dec-29Dec"Former President Gerald Ford dies71
18Dec-22DecIraq combat: President Bush revokes optimism32
11Dec-15DecIraq combat: President Bush mulls strategy42
20Nov-24NovIraq combat: Iraq Study Group report99
13Nov-17NovIraq combat: Bush talks with PM al-Maliki97
06Nov-10NovIraq combat: regional diplomacy prospects28
13Nov-17NovIraq combat: Study Group mulls future policy32
Oct30-Nov02Iraq combat: 103 US military dead in October33
Oct23-Oct27Iraq combat: US outlines benchmark criteria56
Oct16-Oct20Iraq combat: US offensive in Baghdad fails57
Oct09-Oct13North Korea claims underground nuclear test50
Oct02-Oct06Rep Mark Foley (R-FL) sex-message scandal59
Sep25-Sep29War on Terrorism intelligence estimate38
Sep18-Sep22United Nations General Assembly convenes23
Sep11-Sep15Hijacked jets attacks anniversary memorials42
Sep04-Sep08Hijacked jets attacks fifth anniversary preview29
Aug28-Sep01Hurricane Katrina first anniversary memorials51
Aug21-Aug25Hurricane Katrina first anniversary preview22
Aug14-Aug18Little Miss Colorado murder mystery42
Aug07-Aug11TransAtlantic jetliners bomb plot alleged53
Jul31-Aug04Israel-Lebanon fighting continues69
Jul24-Jul28Israel-Lebanon fighting continues129
Jul17-Jul21Israel-Lebanon fighting continues193
Jul10-Jul14Israel-Lebanon fighting: Hezbollah targeted70
Jul03-Jul07North Korea nuclear program missile test56
Jun26-Jun30Floods along Atlantic eastern seaboard36
Jun19-Jun23Iraq combat: Senate rejects troops-out plan62
Jun12-Jun16Iraq combat: Baghdad security crackdown34
Jun05-Jun09Jordanian terrorist al-Zarqawi slain in Iraq62
May29-Jun02Iraq combat: USMC Haditha atrocity probe52
May22-May26Iraq combat: Bush-Blair talks on troop levels26
May15-May19ICE border controls along Mexico line31
May08-May12National Security Agency phone call database28
May01-May05Illegal immigration legislation: day of no labor38
Apr24-Apr28Oil prices: gasoline heads for $3/gallon50
Apr17-Apr21Oil prices: crude costs hiked to $75/barrel32
Apr10-Apr14Illegal immigration legislation: mass protests25
Apr03-Apr07Hijacked jets attacks: Moussaoui trial21
Mar27-Mar31Illegal immigration legislation: Senate debate33
Mar20-Mar24Iraq combat: US invasion third anniversary52
Mar13-Mar17Iraq combat: US invasion third anniversary46
Mar06-Mar10Dubai business will not run major US ports32
Feb27-Mar03Hurricane Katrina aftermath along Gulf Coast43
Feb20-Feb24Dubai business to operate major US ports50
Feb13-Feb17Vice President Dick Cheney wounds hunter59
Feb06-Feb10Prophet Mohammed caricature sparks protests31
Jan30-Feb03Iraq journalists: ABC News crew attacked35
Jan23-Jan27Palestine elections: Hamas defeats Fatah36
Jan16-Jan20Suspected al-Qaeda leaders bombed by CIA26
Jan09-Jan13Justice Samuel Alito confirmation hearings45
Jan02-Jan06West Virginia coal mine explosion kills 1293