Weekly Archives 2001

2001Top Story of the Weekmins
Dec24-Dec28Afghanistan’s Taliban regime aftermath35
Dec17-Dec21Saudi exile Osama bin Laden manhunt42
Dec10-Dec14Saudi exile Osama bin Laden manhunt97
Dec03-Dec07Afghanistan’s Taliban regime surrenders96
Nov26-Nov30Afghanistan’s Taliban regime in disarray78
Nov19-Nov23Afghanistan’s Taliban regime in disarray69
Nov12-Nov16Afghanistan’s Taliban regime in disarray87
Nov05-Nov09Afghanistan’s Taliban regime attacked56
Oct29-Nov02Afghanistan’s Taliban regime attacked48
Oct22-Oct26Anthrax spores spread maliciously by mail88
Oct15-Oct19Anthrax spores spread maliciously by mail95
Oct08-Oct12Afghanistan’s Taliban regime attacked82
Oct01-Oct05Afghanistan’s Taliban regime under fire58
Sep24-Sep28Hijacked jets kamikaze attacks on NYC, DC70
Sep17-Sep21Hijacked jets kamikaze attacks on NYC, DC118
Sep10-Sep14Hijacked jets kamikaze attacks on NYC, DC333
Sep03-Sep07Sharks confront human in coastal waters20
Aug27-Aug31Israel-Palestinian conflict18
Aug20-Aug24Inside-the-Beltway intern goes missing35
Aug13-Aug17Wild forest fires in western states40
Aug06-Aug10Human embryo stem cell biotechnology research39
Jul30-Aug03Healthcare: HMO Bill of Rights passes House14
Jul23-Jul27Inside-the-Beltway intern goes missing12
Jul16-Jul20Genoa G8 Economic Summit24
Jul09-Jul13Inside-the-Beltway intern goes missing24
Jul02-Jul06Heart disease: artificial pump implanted17
Jun25-Jun29Microsoft monopoly trial17
Jun18-Jun22Electric utilities deregulated, underinvested17
Jun11-Jun15Oklahoma City bombing: McVeigh executed39
Jun04-Jun08Oklahoma City bombing aftermath40
May28-Jun01Oklahoma City bombing aftermath35
May21-May25Sen James Jeffords turns Independent37
May14-May18Energy shortages: Bush unveils policy35
May07-May11Oklahoma City bombing aftermath38
Apr30-May04Anti-missile defense program debate15
Apr23-Apr27Ex-Sen Bob Kerrey’s Vietnam War record27
Apr16-Apr20Mississippi and Red River floods24
Apr09-Apr13USNavy spy plane falls into Chinese hands110
Apr02-Apr06USNavy spy plane falls into Chinese hands123
Mar26-Mar30Campaign finance reform debate in Senate20
Mar19-Mar23NYSE-NASDAQ market action21
Mar12-Mar16NYSE-NASDAQ market action42
Mar05-Mar09Santee Cal high school shooting kills two39
Feb26-Mar02Earthquake in Seattle: 6.8 on Richter Scale42
Feb19-Feb23US-Russia espionage: FBI agent arrested43
Feb12-Feb16USS Greeneville collision sinks trawler42
Feb05-Feb09White Hse grounds threatened by gunman26
Jan29-Feb02Gujerat in India hit by major earthquake23
Jan22-Jan26Prisons: Texas inmate fugitive manhunt ends41
Jan15-Jan19Attorney General John Ashcroft nomination42
Jan08-Jan12Labor Secretary Linda Chavez nomination20
Jan01-Jan05Prisons: Texas inmate fugitive gang manhunt20