Weekly Archives 2003

2003Top Story of the Weekmins
Dec22-Dec26Beef cattle at risk of mad cow disease44
Dec15-Dec19Iraq: Baath leader Saddam Hussein arrested73
Dec08-Dec12Iraq: post-war reconstruction efforts34
Dec01-Dec05Iraq: US-led forces’ combat continues20
Nov24-Nov28Prescription drug coverage plan for seniors29
Nov17-Nov21Britain-US diplomacy: Bush visits London29
Nov10-Nov14Iraq: US-led forces’ combat continues54
Nov03-Nov07Iraq: US-led forces’ combat continues66
Oct27-Oct31Wild forest fires in southern California115
Oct20-Oct24Healthcare: ABC’s Critical Condition series17
Oct13-Oct17Iraq: post-war reconstruction efforts34
Oct06-Oct10Campaign 2003: California Governor recall succeeds74
Sep29-Oct03CIA undercover agent’s name illegally leaked43
Sep22-Sep26Iraq: post-war reconstruction effort52
Sep15-Sep19Hurricane Isabel hits NC, Va, Md110
Sep08-Sep12Hijacked jets kamikaze attacks on NYC, DC48
Sep01-Sep05Iraq: post-war reconstruction efforts45
Aug25-Aug29Iraq: US-led forces’ combat continues19
Aug18-Aug22Iraq: terrorist attack on UN headquarters52
Aug11-Aug15Electricity blackout strikes northeast135
Aug04-Aug08Campaign 2003: California Governor recall28
Jul28-Aug01Iraq: Saddam Hussein manhunt continues37
Jul21-Jul25Iraq: Saddam Hussein’s two sons slain66
Jul14-Jul18Iraq: US-led forces’ combat continues49
Jul07-Jul11Iraq: mass weapons violations search44
Jun30-Jul04Iraq: US-led forces’ combat continues41
Jun23-Jun27Iraq: US-led forces’ combat continues34
Jun16-Jun20Iraq: US-led forces’ combat continues20
Jun09-Jun13Israeli-Palestinian conflict47
Jun02-Jun06Israeli-Palestinian conflict: Bush diplomacy46
May26-May30Iraq: post-war reconstruction efforts proceed25
May19-May23Domestic terrorism alert is Orange High22
May12-May16Saudi Arabia terrorism: Riyadh carbombings53
May05-May09Tornado season60
Apr28-May02Iraq: US-led forces’ invasion completed35
Apr21-Apr25SARS is mysterious Asian lung disease56
Apr14-Apr18Iraq: US-led forces’ invasion succeeds65
Apr07-Apr11Iraq: US-led forces’ invasion continues193
Mar31-Apr04Iraq: US-led forces’ invasion continues184
Mar24-Mar28Iraq: US-led forces’ invasion continues204
Mar17-Mar21Iraq: US-led forces launch invasion175
Mar10-Mar14Iraq: Saddam Hussein’s Baath regime under fire79
Mar03-Mar07Iraq: Saddam Hussein’s Baath regime under fire82
Feb24-Feb28Iraq: Saddam Hussein’s Baath regime under fire64
Feb17-Feb21Iraq: Saddam Hussein’s Baath regime under fire54
Feb10-Feb14Iraq: UN mass weapons inspections43
Feb03-Feb07NASA Space Shuttle Columbia disaster98
Jan27-Jan31Iraq: Saddam Hussein’s Baath regime under fire57
Jan20-Jan24Iraq: Saddam Hussein’s Baath regime under fire58
Jan13-Jan17Iraq: Saddam Hussein’s Baath regime under fire56
Jan06-Jan10Federal tax cuts: Bush unveils $674bn plan26
Dec30-Jan03North Korea nuclear weapons program25