Weekly Archives 2002

2002Top Story of the Weekmins
Dec23-Dec27Christmas holiday season39
Dec16-Dec20Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott under fire46
Dec09-Dec13Sen Strom Thurmond praised by Trent Lott29
Dec02-Dec06Iraq: UN weapons inspections resume40
Nov25-Nov29Iraq: UN weapons inspections resume28
Nov18-Nov22Iraq: UN weapons inspections resume30
Nov11-Nov15Tornado season: 70 twisters kill 35 in one day29
Nov04-Nov08Campaign 2002: Senate races overview52
Oct28-Nov01Sniper murders in suburban DC aftermath34
Oct21-Oct25Sniper murders in suburban DC: two charged132
Oct14-Oct18Sniper murders: ninth death in suburban DC76
Oct07-Oct11Sniper murders: eight dead in suburban DC83
Sep30-Oct04Hurricane Lili makes landfall in Louisiana50
Sep23-Sep27Iraq: Saddam Hussein’s regime under fire31
Sep16-Sep20Iraq: Saddam Hussein’s regime under fire28
Sep09-Sep13Hijacked jets kamikaze attacks on NYC, DC86
Sep02-Sep06Iraq: Saddam Hussein’s regime under fire44
Aug26-Aug30Iraq: Saddam Hussein’s regime under fire24
Aug19-Aug23Suspected al-Qaeda network members sought23
Aug12-Aug16Floods in central and eastern Europe21
Aug05-Aug09Mosquitoes spread West Nile virus15
Jul29-Aug02Pennsylvania coalmine flooding rescue25
Jul22-Jul26NYSE-NASDAQ market action22
Jul15-Jul19NYSE-NASDAQ market action40
Jul08-Jul12Corporate management abuses decried30
Jul01-Jul05Afghanistan: US gunship shootsup wedding27
Jun24-Jun28Israel-Palestinian conflict38
Jun17-Jun21Wild forest fires in western states43
Jun10-Jun14Wild forest fires in mountains near Denver32
Jun03-Jun07Hijacked jets kamikaze attacks on NYC, DC37
May27-May31India-Pakistan conflict: Kashmir tensions44
May20-May24Hijacked jets kamikaze attacks on NYC, DC31
May13-May17Hijacked jets kamikaze attacks on NYC, DC51
May06-May10Israeli-Palestinian conflict59
Apr29-May03Israeli-Palestinian conflict45
Apr22-Apr26Catholic pedophile priests scandal50
Apr15-Apr19Israeli-Palestinian conflict: Powell shuttle ends62
Apr08-Apr12Israeli-Palestinian conflict: Powell shuttle129
Apr01-Apr05Israel-Palestinian conflict151
Mar25-Mar29Israel-Palestinian conflict66
Mar18-Mar22Israeli-Palestinian conflict: US diplomacy33
Mar11-Mar15Hijacked jets kamikaze attacks on NYC, DC53
Mar04-Mar08Afghanistan’s Taliban regime aftermath80
Feb25-Mar01Enron Corporation bankruptcy investigation27
Feb18-Feb22Salt Lake City Winter Olympic Games36
Feb11-Feb15Salt Lake City Winter Olympic Games51
Feb04-Feb08Enron Corporation bankruptcy investigation61
Jan28-Feb01Enron Corporation bankruptcy investigation35
Jan21-Jan25Enron Corporation bankruptcy investigation61
Jan14-Jan18Enron Corporation bankruptcy investigation58
Jan07-Jan11Enron Corporation bankruptcy investigation40
Dec31-Jan04Afghanistan’s Taliban regime aftermath35